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  K9 Vision Mod: Great interview with The D.O.G. (Part 1) - Mod News
  Posted by: Pille on 06-24-2005 @ 19:02
This News Item has been viewed 7,694 times
Hello everyone,

After some time of messaging problems I was finally able to get an inteview with The D.O.G., author of the great K9 Vision mod. In this interview which is splitted into two parts he informs us as well about the future and the upcomming release of v 1.1 as well as how the mod actually started. But before I tell too much, here is the exclusive FarCryFiles interview. smile

Could you please give a general overview about the current progress of the K9 Vision Mod 1.1?

The D.O.G.:
First off, I would like to thank yourself and the other admins of FileFront for giving me this opportunity. K-9 Vision would not enjoy the success and popularity it does today if it wasn't for all of your help.
That being said, in regards to K-9 v1.1: As your poll noted, the overwhelming majority of users wish more in the way of SINGLE PLAYER content. Much of the thrust with v1.0 was Multiplayer support (as I was an avid Far Cry multiplayer fanatic at the time).
Since its release, I have come to realize that close to 99% of the users who downloaded K-9 Vision were using it in SP Campaign. Accordingly, I have been working diligently towards fulfilling their needs. MP support is still there, and many improvements have been made in this realm, but I must emphasize that much of what has been improved is SOLELY for the enjoyment of the single-player community.
For starters, you will find that AI is a bit more "keen" to attack. Specifically, AIThreat and AI-Interest have all been increased for most every weapon in Campaign. This means that you will find less "What's going on here?" confusion from the mercs. It doesn't matter if you shoot one of their comrades or fire off into the distance. The AI will react accordingly. Meaning, if you shoot your pistol, expect the AI to take interest and come looking for you.
Hit Damage has been modified in relation to the AI as well. AI-to-Player damage has been increased to ALL body parts and limbs. It shouldn't be much harder on the base difficulty settings, but make the highest ones that much harder than before. Be especially keen of headshots (although I have not gone as far as to make AI more precise in getting headshots). AI-to-AI damage has also been increased, meaning that there should be LESS times where you notice the AI squaring off against each other and not killing one another. There will no doubt still be instances like "Dam" where Trigens and Mercs square off to no end, but I am hoping this increase in damage should make their fights, at least, end with a victor.
Crosshairs: One thing which I am uncertain as to fan-reaction is the new crosshairs for all scoped-weapons. They are much more realistic now, to the point in fact, where they closely-resemble looking down a sight in real-lfe. Some will applaud this (those that like realistic shooters like CoD or BF2), others may not. This is a minor change which I felt warranted mention as it *may* appeal to some and not others.
Weapon Stats: Weapon accuracy and settings are being revamped for SP. I am taking the time and change the base accuracy and modifiers (e.g. going "prone" or standing) for most of the weapons. This is especially significant with the MP-5, which I found to be the weakest and most ineffective weapon in the game. It should be usable now, and I will probably not call it the "Lame-Ass MP5" this time around.
Humor: Speaking of "Lame-Ass MP5" I realize that not all appreciated the humor in the v1.0. I am making changes in certain cases. For instance the RL is no longer "Curly's Pie Launcher". It has been re-skinned with a new weapon sight (minus Curly from "The Three Stooges"). It has a very professional look and sound to it, and has been aptly renamed the "Panzerfaust 2K5" (as an homage to the real-life Panzerfaust used by the Germans in WW2). In cases like the RL, I feel that the changes away from humor give the mod a more professional look and feel.
Camo Pigs: still there, and REVISED. If you don't like, don't bother even approaching me about it. Believe it or not, a great many liked them so they stay.
Physics: No changes have been made to the existing CryEngine physics. My knowledge in this area of scripting is very limited. I am less apt to make changes here, as they can have VERY odd effects on the game.
Loadscreens: All SP loadscreens have been revised. In many instances, they are completely new images, better suited to the "tone" of each particular level. This, I originally did for all the MP maps. Now that there is demand for the same in Campaign, I have done my best to give everyone what they wanted.
New DE: Now a chrome pistol with much sheen. Same "gat" fire sound as before, but with a LARGER sound radius on the radar HUD. I found it odd that the weapon made us much noise as many of the SMGs, but yet didn't even "appear" on the radar. Be warned that the pistol has lost any "stealth" edge it may have had originally. At close range, it is practically a one-shot-one-kill weapon and sounds accordingly.

Have you already set a definate release date for the mod?

The D.O.G.
I am shooting for Monday the 27th. As of right now, I have 9 more items left to complete. After these 9 changes are finished, the mod will (for the most part) be finished. I am confident that it should be available for all on FarCry Files sometime next week.

I would like to thank The D.O.G. very much for giving such detailed answers and update about the upcomming release, although that means quite some stuff for you to read. smile I'm anyways sure the waiting time will be worth it. For screenshots as well as part 2 of this interview regarding the history of the K9 Vision Mod check this news item. smile


          Next News Post 06-24-2005 @ 19:02 - K9 Vision Mod: Great interview with The D.O.G. (Part 2)
          Previous News Post 06-24-2005 @ 05:51 - Regarding the eMail server downtime...

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 #1 - 06-24-2005 at 21:53
Hfx-Rebel (Staff)
From: (Nova Scotia)
Joined: April 19th, 2003
Posts: 765
Nice! Two Thumbs Up! can't talk though, gotta read part 2... wink

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